Hello readers,
We are here to let you know about how you can recover you accidentally deleted data from your memory card using your computer. It is a super easy process and does not costs you much.
What you need for this process is listed below:

  • Desktop PC or Laptop
  • Card recovery software (Paid) (You can download it from the link in the end of the post)
  • Some free time

Lets start this Process

First of all you need to insert a formatted drive into USB port and make sure it is recently formatted. It increases the chances of more data to recovered.

Card Recovery: Step-I

Download the Card Recovery Software from the link, Install it and open it. Click next then.

Card Recovery: Step-II

Select the drive you had already connected to the PC and choose type of media you want to recover using card recovery tool and click next. It is easy to do. Refer to the following figure.

Card Recovery: Step-III

Select the volume and click ok

Card Recovery: Step-IV

After clicking next you will see that card recovery software begins to search your deleted files. It will take some time as it depends upon the size of your memory card and CPU speeds. As it shows the number of files to recovered in the term field. Properly described in the figure below:

Card Recovery: Step-V

After the above recovering files process complete. It will shows the total number of files that can be recovered. Follow the screen instructions. It will preview your files and asks you to what files are to be recovered. Select the desired number of files and go ahead to recover them all.

Card Recovery: Final Step

Click here (Free Trial) to download Card recovery software and you are free to ask anything in comments. How you like this software please let us know in the comments. Thank you.